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Due to changes in the legislation, the old lamium website had to discontinue their operations. The reason is, that, as an escrow provider, lamium is handling and storing user funds in form of cryptocurrencies, which in November 2019 has become subject to various license and reporting requirements that undermine the privacy of our users. We therefore decided to operate the service from Antigua and Barbuda with a new team. Since we are not paying any bills from our own accounts, this will not cause any disadvantages for our users.

Also the new lamium will continue to provide two services:

Buy bitcoins buy paying bills

Use your bitcoins directly by uploading bills to our system.

Easy. Convenient. No KYC bullshit. Just private individuals helping each other out.

In case you have any questions, just contact our chat support.

We really hope that you will all spread the word. Join our network.

Go to and sign up as one of us and start paying bills.

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