Gone into Second Realm

Our time is incredibly exciting right now. The world is being invaded by a global virus. At first, the microorganism seemed very far away. But when it made its way to Europa, coming all over from China, and began to infect people around us in no time, many a person in this country started asking the question: Where else can I hide in order to protect myself and my family in view of the unfolding of this global pandemic? 

Retreating into one’s own four walls was the most pragmatic solution. By the time governments around the world announced curfews and national lockdowns, many citizens had already made themselves comfortable at home. 

Spending a few weeks mostly in one’s own apartment or house is a special experience for many. Some people are surprised how long-postponed projects can be realized and completed all of a sudden and all at once because people suddenly find enough time to carry through. Considering the fact that the haunting by the coronavirus should be over in a few weeks or months at the latest, time stuck at home can somehow be endured and taken rather lightly.

Corona disappears, cheap money remains

But even if the corona crisis will pass, Bitcoiners, in particular, argue that society will continue to suffer far-reaching negative consequences. They particularly emphasize the numerous central bank interventions and government stimulus packages being put into action as we write. Through these, our current financial system is being flooded with vast amounts of cheap money. Once the virus has disappeared and the economic engine starts running again, this liquidity will neither evaporate nor will it be withdrawn from the system again. Individuals, companies, and states are too dependent on it today.

In addition to the incredible flood of money, which will make government fiat money increasingly worthless, quite a few states and companies are of course also trying to expand their control and monitoring methods, all with the short-term goal of combating the pandemic in mind, of course. 

As history and economic understanding suggest, temporary government measures have often become permanent sources of income and control valves for the state. Once government redistribution channels and supervisory bodies have been created, a wide variety of interest groups with special interests quickly attempt to lobby for the needed permanency of these institutions, and as historically evident shows, this is usually done with great success.

Off to the crypto world

For Bitcoiners, Cryptoanarchists and Cypherpunks alike it is, therefore, clear: The current events will be beneficial to the crypto world in the medium to long term. Just as people are currently wondering where to flee from the virus, some of them will be asking themselves in the foreseeable future: How to escape the worthless fiat money and tentacles of an increasingly controlling surveillance state. 

The crypto world, understood by its original ethos, offers opportunities. With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there is a chance to say no to and opt-out from central bank interventions. Privacy tools and instructions for the gradual realization of one’s own self-sovereignty also help to protect one’s own privacy.

The Bitcoin world has ultimately created the option of a peaceful opt-out. The crypto-anarchist element is not one of destruction but merely attempts to create a parallel place of retreat for individuals. It’s a second realm so people can step into their own four walls in cyberspace, to stay with the analogy at the beginning of this article.

Of course, onramps are needed to be able to dive into this parallel world. Bitalo, Lamium and Intarium are a great help in this regard!

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