Self-sovereignty, not self-sufficiency

Whether at family gatherings, at work or during meetups with friends, one topic currently dominates almost every conversation: the coronavirus. Since the beginning of the year, COVID-19, as the lung disease is officially called, has spread to more… Read More

Global piggy bank for everyone

Bitcoin as a global liquidity pool for everyone? That is interesting and creates a piggy bank for everyone.

Is Bitcoin breaking the spell?

Technical deflation has always run counter to monetary inflation. Bitcoin could change that.

The Industrial Revolution 4.0, which is none

Everyone is talking about revolution, whether it’s robotization, Internet of Things or Blockchain. Bitcoin is the real revolution and many people only realize it when it is actually already too late.

The tiresome topic of mass adoption

Everyone hopes for mass adoption. However, mass adoption doesn’t make sense! Let’s see why.

Identification? Thanks, but no thanks!

Within the traditional world of finance, identification is a must. Bitcoin takes a different approach. This is important and valuable! is back

Due to changes in the legislation, the old lamium website had to discontinue their operations. The reason is, that, as an escrow provider, lamium is handling and storing user funds in form of cryptocurrencies, which in November 2019… Read More