Globalized Money for a Globalized World

Bitcoin is money. Many people still dispute that statement. But while this statement was still ignored a few years ago and then simply smiled at a little afterward, in our day and age it is vigorously opposed. Anyone… Read More

Dumb Money and Bitcoin

Financial markets are a red rag to many. In particular, the large number of sketchy characters who advertise snowball systems and “cocksure” returns in asset newsletters and financial blogs put some people off. It is indeed noticeable that… Read More

When excess liquidity still pays off

It was the biggest price drop in bitcoin’s recent history. In just two days, over the 12th and 13th of March, the cryptocurrency’s price fell by an incredible 50 percent. Many critics rejoiced and rubbed this in the… Read More

Gone into Second Realm

Our time is incredibly exciting right now. The world is being invaded by a global virus. At first, the microorganism seemed very far away. But when it made its way to Europa, coming all over from China, and… Read More