About Lamium

Lamium is the most awesome bitcoin service out there. It is the first DECENTRALIZED invoice service in which YOU can participate and earn commissions for paying bills for yourself.

Invoice payers buy bitcoins by paying bills for other people and get paid for it!

What is the advantage for invoice payers?

Very simple:

  1. Anonymity: You can just buy coins without any KYC or AML requirements, since you are just a private individual
  2. Flexibilty: Buy coins only when you want, no obligations
  3. Speed: Claim a bill, pay it, get the coins the same day to YOUR wallet
  4. Economical: The inovice uploader pays the fee to YOU. You wont get coins cheaper anywhere.

Invoice uploaders sell bitcoins by having their bills paid. As easy as never before

What is the advantage for invoice uploaders?

Very simple:

  1. Anonymity: You can cash out bitcoins without using your own bank account.
  2. Flexibility: You dont need to convince anyone to accept bitcoin anymore. The recipient doesnt even know that he accepted them.
  3. Speed: It is faster than using exchanges, pay the bill directly and dont wait for the exchange to wire the money to you first
  4. Economical: It is cheaper than most exchanges

More aweseome details and stories will come in our blog.

And just start uploading your bills at https://lamium.io